Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Being a Nonna

 It was very nice to have Avery stay with Nonna and Poppa this past weekend.  It doesnt hurt for her to have a little time away from home every now and again.  We had a really good time.

 I always wanted to be the kind of grandparent who spent plenty of time with my grandkids.  I only had one living grandparent when I was born.  I never spent much time with Ma.  I remember going to her apartment some when I was little but Mama was always with me.  I never remember spending time with her alone.  At some point we moved away and honestly I never really had a close relationship with her.  I loved her and enjoyed seeing her but we werent really that close. Therefore I always wanted to make sure I developed that relationship with my grandchildren.  So I am blessed to take advantage of our time with Avery and hope to be able to do that with any future grandchildren God may bless us with.

  We did a few fun things together.  First of all I had bought a Gingerbread House Kit last week.  It was sitting on top of my refrigerator waiting for her visit.  She spotted it first thing and couldnt wait to get into it.  So we put it together almost right away.  Thankfully our friend Lessley came by the house with Tance to see Josh.  She helped us out.  It was fun and Avery was pleased with our project.  Sorry no pictures (they are on my phone) but trust me it is CUTE!

We got out early Saturday morning and Avery ended up coming home with this prize.  She was so pleased!  We immediately colored and painted! 

We took a few Christmas pictures in front of my tree.

We had tea parties.  We played Ladderball out back.  We went shopping. I wrapped presents and Avery put them under the tree.  When she saw one with AVERY on it, she said "NO WAY, that one has my name on it!"  We picked an ornament for my tree.  Well SHE picked an ornament.  I think this may be a tradition.  Last year she picked a pretty cupcake.  This year, a beautiful ballerina.  I like that tradition.   I painted her fingernails.   We went to the Bakery and got CUPCAKES!  We read books.  And of course we got Avery a Taco Burger from Taco Casa.  That is definitely the place to go if you ask her.  :)  She begged for TWO taco burgers  but was okay with one since we threw in a pink slushy!  :)

Saturday night the living room was full of Josh and his friends, like it usually is when he is home.  Todd and I retreated to our bedroom and Avery went back and forth between our room and the living room.  She would come in there and say "Nonna, can I get up there with yall and spend some time with you?"  So she would do that for 5 or 10 minutes, and then say "I am gonna go hang out with the guys now"  and run down the hall and stay there for 5 or 10 minutes,  then back to us and the exact same conversation.  Back and forth...

 I am glad we had this weekend and cant wait for more to come!


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