Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

 I have no idea what Avery was doing in that first picture but I thought it was interesting.  :)

On Christmas Eve this year we ended up having a house full.  The plan was to have everyone for dinner on Christmas Day but the weather pushed Todds parents visit a day early.  A storm was on the way for Christmas Day and they didnt want to make the trip in it.  I dont blame them, so they came up Christmas Eve and just so happened I made enough dinner for everyone.  So we were good to go!  We ended up exchanging gifts with them.  Here is Todd with our VCR.  Yes I said VCR!  So we can watch our old Video Tapes of the kids when they were little.  Anyone wanna come over and watch family movies with us?  No??

  Gigi and Pap brought Avery money, plus this...

Then the kids exchanged gifts.  Avery opened her gift from Uncle Mark and Uncle Josh.
 It was definitely a hit!
 There were Thank You hugs!

Of course the best part was spending time together with everyone. 
Unfortunately the worst part was that I almost killed Pawpaw.  He has this esophagus problem.  Something like reflux.  If he isnt REAL careful it becomes a problem.  My roast I made that day became an issue.  He was fine while they were here and nothing appeared to be a problem.  However once they got home he couldnt keep anything down.  Not even water.  So off to the hospital they went.  He ended up having to have a procedure on Christmas Day or the day after. (I cant remember now)  He had a large piece of my roast stuck blocking his esophagus.  NICE, I know...  Thankfully they removed it and he is fine now.  I may or may not invite him back to eat with us.  (I do not want to be responsible for choking him, no thank you)

I think the kids enjoyed doing the Christmas Eve thing with Mamaw and Papaw just like when they were little.  Revisiting an old tradition made for a Merry Christmas Eve for us.


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