Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morn

 Christmas morning was fun as usual!  I am so glad that we get to spend these early years with our little Avery Grace.  One day I am sure they may switch and start having Christmas morning at their house but for now we love it just the way it is. 

My Girls!

This is proof that Gods word is true.  I asked for scarves.  I GOT SCARVES!   'Ask and you shall receive!'  There were more where that came from too.  I now have a scarf collection.  

Avery thought Josh needed a little help opening his stuff.  She is so sweet to help!

Josh liked what was in this little box.  CASH!

 Charlie liked his hat!
 Josh took a turn.

Down, Set, Hut

Marks new clothes.  

 She was happy happy happy when we reminded her there were stockings after gifts! 

And look what Todd got!  So happy about his ipad.  Can you tell what the first site he went to?  Oh good grief...
Christmas was great.  We enjoyed each other and exchanging gifts.  We got nice and full of Charlies Fried Turkey and my yummy Dressing. 

Averys favorite gift this year was her Easy Bake Oven from her Pawpaw and Mawmaw Lynn  They definately win the gold star for gifts this year.

I got some very nice perfume.  I havent had any perfume in such a long time.  It smells so good! 

Casey really likes her Keurig.  I am so glad.

There were jackets, shirts, books, CD's, Footballs, Candy, Jewelry, Barbies, Shoes and such. We are really blessed.  I am very thankful for the one true gift that God gave which is the whole reason for Christmas in the first place.  I am so glad that we have taught our children about the greatest gift.  THANK YOU GOD!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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