Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Did Enjoy

 I remember the days when Todd wrestled with the Mark and Josh.  It seemed they were always wrestling around and I was laughing and wondering if someone would get hurt.  These days I know who would get hurt if he was wrestling with one of them.  He would!

This little wrestling match began at Grandmas house.  I think Avery won.

One activity Avery enjoyed in Tennessee was this.
 I know---- CRAZY.  I promise we did not lock her in there while we shopped.  She thought it was great... 

There was one little incident while we visited.  Grandma let Avery play with one of her many dolls.  This one happened to be porcelain.  None of us thought twice about it until Avery dropped her on the kitchen floor.  Whoopsie.  The baby had to have major surgery.  Dr. "Uncle" Johnny was the surgeon.  The lengthy surgery was a success, however the baby may need a bonnet from now on.   :)

ON one trip to Memphis, Johnny drove us by this old house.
 It is the house that our family lived in when I was born.  It is not in the greatest neighborhood.  In 1965 it was great.  Now---not so much.  Johnny and I still decided to peek in, much to moms despair.  Johnny went in first and went to the back.  I just went right in the wide open door and stood right there in the kitchen.  Thinking more about the fact that my mama used to make bottles right there for me and cook supper for us than about the mound of a blanket spread out on the living room floor or wondering if someone could actually be sleeping under it...  It was cool to be there not that I have memories of it.  We moved when I was 2.  It was  neat to see it though.

Back at Grandmas we took advantage of one of our favorite photo spots.
 How sweet.

Getting a little sassy here,

This picture shows her attitude about being at Grandmas!  HURRAY!

Avery loved running in Grandmas back yard and jumping up to make these wind chimes sing.  She did it over and over.

Did I mention we enjoyed our visit.  Oh I did.  Okay, just so you know.  We did.

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