Friday, June 20, 2014

Graduation Day

 After our celebration meal Todd and I spent the night at Casey and Charlies since the graduation was at 10 the next morning.

Todd tied his tie for him since he really doesnt do ties or know how to tie them.  Something he may have to learn soon.

We got there in plenty of time.

 and the waiting began.

Pretty soon all these chairs would be filled with hopeful excited graduates.

The rest of the family arrived a little later and there was more waiting to be done.  This little sweetie handled it with much grace.  She did really great.  No griping, no complaining, not even much fidgeting. She was wonderful.
 Finally they began filing in.
 We searched until we found him.  He is on the right side a little past the middle towards the back.
 We got to see him nice and clear when he was handed his diploma!

It took quite a while.  College graduations are LONG.  But it was worth it.

This is Mark singing the Alma Mater.  Go Dawgs! :)

After the ceremony was over we went outside to once again WAIT on Josh.

I was beginning to wonder if he got lost.  But finally he showed up.  Getting a big ole hug from Dad.

 We took a few pictures.  Should have let Mawmaw take one of these too.  Oh well.

Afterwards where did we go?
Yep it was pretty good too.

Then it was time to move the ole boy back home.  The thing he has been waiting on for the last 4 years!  HOME

So now he is home.  He has been job hunting and hunting.  I am praying he will soon find something he will be happy with.  But more than that I am praying that he will seek Gods will and plan for his future for without that there will never be true happiness.

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