Monday, June 23, 2014

Photographer Avery

Avery loves to takes pictures with my camera.  She is pretty good at it too.  When we were at their house she asked me if she could take some of everyone.  I let her.

These were all taken when we were playing a little ball in their front yard.  She loves her Gigi.  I love this picture she took of her.

I dont really remember why I posed like this but oh well.

 Not a bad shot of her daddy either.

 Sebastien looked away.

We had fun that afternoon.  Josh enjoyed his new glove even though he wont really use it.  But it didnt hurt to break it in a bit.  

Avery our photographer for the event did well.  I should have paid her more.  I wonder if she will love photography as much as her Nonna when she is older...  Actually I guess I love capturing the memories more than just photography itself.  I am glad I have the thousands and thousands of photos that I have.  I enjoy looking back over them from time to time.  They always make me smile.

God Bless You, whoever you are.  I hope that you have many wonderful memories to capture as well.


Penny said...

Good job, Avery! That picture of her at the bottom of the side bar and the one she took of her daddy sure do favor. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love pictures! They're such a great way to capture the moment and treasure the memories. "Candids" are especially fun because what better way to pause a moment in time than a moment when someone is being completely themselves?! My house is filled with pictures, albums, and frames, and I love having the ability to look back on how people have changes over the years or just remembering the details of those very moments.