Thursday, September 25, 2014

Corpus Christi

 We made a trip we have never made before.  (I love going places we have never been.)  We headed to Corpus Christi.  STEPHANIE'S WEDDING!  (She is our beautiful niece)  It was a long drive but we are so thankful that we got to go.

We were so glad we got to spend time with little Ryan.  He is Mickeys grandson.  Zach's little boy.  We brought him a toy to open.  This is Uncle Todd putting it together.

 This is Pawpaw (Mic) with Ryan checking out the water.

Turns out Corpus Christi is very windy.  Yea I think they picked the wrong city to call Windy City.  Sorry Chicago.  But hey, if you can move Mawmaw's hair around -- It's windy!

We saw this dead puffer fish at the waters edge.  Gross!

We had dinner before the wedding at the hotel.  These sweet boys- Ryan on the left and Grayson on the right- were looking at the boats across the way.  It looks like they are just looking at the road, but the water was over there, trust me.

While we were waiting for our food they got a little restless though, so I let them take turns using my camera.  Ryan snapped this one of me and Grayson.  Excuse my "look".  I as you can see had not finished my hair.  Or started it actually.  Todd and I had just been on a walk at the waters edge in the wind.  So yea...

Then Grayson got this one of Ryan and me.

And I dont know what this face is about but Ryan captured it.

We had to get a little creative because the wait was a little longer than expected.  FUNNY FACES!

Seriously we enjoyed getting to spend time with these sweethearts.  They were very good.
After lunch was over it was time to tame my hair and get ready for Graysons' mommy's wedding.

Wedding post ahead!!!!!

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