Sunday, September 28, 2014

We love you Steph

After my fun in the back with the bride for a bit I went to my seat to wait for it all to begin.  The music started which sounded amazing in that cathedral.  The grandparents were seated and then this...

He did such a good job.

His brother carried this pillow amazingly as well.  Seriously though, he is so little and he did perfect.

He walked down that isle and stood by his daddy and his brother and was sooo good.  So was his brother the whole time.  They did great.

And I was so glad I had my camera ready for this next shot.  The music changed a bit and all of the sudden this beautiful red head slowly began walking down that isle.  When little Braydon caught sight of her-- he leaned way over and saw his completely gorgeous mommy walking toward them.  He was mesmerized.  He kept his attention on her the whole way there.  It was precious to see.

The rest of us were looking at her with love in our eyes too.

As Steph reached the alter, they bowed.

Then she was handed off to her groom and they stepped up to the alter near the Priest.

When they did this, the neatest thing happened.  Well at least in my opinion.  Our sweet little nephew Ryan (all by himself) broke out in applause.  It was very fitting.  We should have all followed his lead.  Way to go Ryan.   And yes,  I was camera ready.

I havent been to many Catholic weddings.  This one was so beautiful.

I loved the music.

I loved the prayers.

I loved the communion.

I loved the Bible readings...  Uncle Todd was blessed with this honor.

I loved the faces of our loved ones watching on.

All the way to the kiss.

At some point in the ceremony the children went to sit with family on the front row.  So as the couple were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Cabrera and they started back down the isle, they made a little stop.

And this little guy was some happy about it.

We are so happy for our sweet Stephanie.  We pray that Stephanie, Jose, Grayson, and Brayden will be happy together all of their days.

May God bless this little family in a big way.

 We love you Steph!


Stephanie said...

I am preparing for the game of the season, Saints versus Cowboys, and trying to talk smack and have been super busy preparing the huge buffet of food for all our friends to enjoy and I sit down and see this and just cried. I am still crying. I can't stop. This is so beautiful. It captors the day in perfect vision of what I saw and felt. I love you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

what a perfect, beautiful post on this lovely wedding! love your family. Mama