Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 The Cabrera wedding had several traditions incorporated in.  One of them was the lasso.  There were two cords which were connected together to become one cord.  It is symbolic of how their love binds them together.  The beautiful lasso was placed over both Stephanie and Jose and they said their vows linked together.  The couple is prayed for while linked together and the belief is that they will continue to pray together throughout their marriage.  If you click on the picture you can see the crystal lasso.  It glittered in the lights at the ceremony.  It was really beautiful.

After the walk back down the isle after the ceremony,

another of the traditions was explained to us.

 This is a decorated box of coins.

Braydon was interested in this tradition as much as we were.

His grandma was showing him the box of coins and explaining the traditions to us.  In this Hispanic tradition the Priest blesses the coins in the ceremony and the groom gives the coins to the bride as he pledges to care for her and their home and family.  The bride receives them and commits to help her husband and use the gifts and things they have to care for their family and others in need.

Braydon seemed to like the coins.  Dont you think?
 "I think I will buy me some matchbox cars with that money."
"No, maybe a big truck!"
"No, no, candy, yes candy.  I can get some candy with that money!"

Mawmaw with her great grandson.  We wish visiting with them could be a yearly tradition...

Mickey was so happy to be able to be at their wedding.  Here he is with his beautiful daughter and her new husband.

Here he is with his handsome, tall son.  We love these guys.

One more of this handsome little guy.  Just look at him...  He reminds me a lot of Josh at this age.  Believe it or not he had those round cheeks and that hair.

I love this picture.  Look at those girls faces looking at my sweet husband.  Can you tell we love him in this family?

After the ceremony we headed back to the hotel for an hour or two before the after party also known as the reception.  Which was great with Ryan who loved one more opportunity to punch the buttons in the hotel elevator.

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Stephanie said...

I want to further explain some of the traditions. I was very skeptical at first, because I do not believe in luck or just doing something because everyone else in the family did. After this was explained to me, I had no doubt that I wanted it in my wedding! The lasso (lazo in Spanish) is two rosaries combined. The rosary has very special significance to me (and should to most catholics) because if it is understood in its entirety it is one of the most beautiful prayers one can pray. (just reciting it, does no justice) Also the coins (arras in Spanish) have biblical meaning. They're are 13, representing the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ. I just thought this was interesting information I would pass on because I was pretty clueless abut it up until a few months ago! One thing I really enjoyed about the wedding ceremony was how many friends and family were able to be involved. I thought we were getting crazy when we were up to six bridesmaids/groomsmen a piece but it really worked out nicely in the end! We were able to include 4 sets of Aunts and Uncles and Two Uncles for the readings. Thanks to all who helped!