Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Balloon Chase Sunday

Sunday after a great morning of worship at our church, a nice lunch, and a little UNO we headed down to the river front to see a balloon chase.  

It looks like Avery is breaking out in song here.  Actually the tug boat blew its horn and she was waving to them.

We had to get a little creative in the entertainment department for a bit as the balloon chase took forever to decide they would actually take off.

So Avery decided to add a few head shots to her portfolio...

Then she and Lesley snuck up on Uncle Mickey and threw something at him.

They played a little chase.

The day was beautiful.  The river was beautiful.  The girl was too.

The real chase finally began.

Getting a little sassy here...

And, I have good news.  The paper reported today that the balloon race will go on as usual next year!

WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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