Monday, October 20, 2014

Chasing Balloons

 This past weekend was Balloon Races!  This was the first year in forever that Todd has been off on a Saturday to be able to go chase them with me.  Either I havent gone at all or I have gone alone.  Not nearly as much fun.  This year he was home though.  YAY  And it so turns out that Casey and her family were here with us so we planned on taking Avery with us and chasing.  However, believe this or not, Casey and Charlie were both up and ready to go with us.  So early Saturday we headed out.

 Thankfully our friend Tonja gave us the info on where to go.  We saw several getting ready to go up.

 I was getting photos of this colorful balloon and the owner told me I could get up close and personal and get shots from inside.  Cool!  I wish she would have offered me a ride.  I would have taken her up on it.
 The wind changed or something and no more balloons were going to take off from where we were so we left that spot and headed to where they were suppose to land.  We made a pit stop at this famous spot on our way though.  I LOVE their powdered donuts.  Mmmmm
 We took our donuts with us to the mall parking lot where they were suppose to land.  And there were plenty to look at there.

They were really pretty and we had a great time.  I sure hope they continue the Balloon Races here in town.  There is talk of cutting it out.  I hope not.

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