Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making Me Smile

Looking back at an old blog post, I saw where I had done a page of memories of the kids.  I liked it so much I decided to go for it again.  These are some more of my memories of the kids that make me smile.


She and Amber, long before tanning beds, "laying out" in the DRIVEWAY of all places.  Thank God for his protection.  -What was I thinking...

Her love for collecting old textbooks from teachers so she could play school with her brothers and others.  If she got her hands on a Teachers Edition, she was basically in Heaven.

Always thinking her daddy had the best ideas.  (Even if it was my idea first and she didn't like it then.)  Girl LOVES her daddy.


Marks first words... bye bye       Loves to go places.

He was always throwing his blankie out of his crib and saying "Uh Oh" so you would come get it for him, and then doing that over and over again.  He did that so often that his blanket became his "Uh Oh".  Thats what we called it for quite some time.

How he wanted me to put up the tent so they could "camp out" in the back yard.


 Josh standing at the door when Todd left for some church business and saying "Er Da go?" (Where Daddy go?") every two or three minutes - almost until he got back.

Playing on his airplane see saw we had in the back yard.

How he never wanted to spend the night away from home.  Not even to Mawmaws unless Mark was with him. (and not even so much then.)

Good Thing - Bad Thing    In order to get the kids to realize that even though some days had undesirable things happen, every day also had good things, we started a tradition at the dinner table of naming one good thing that happened and one bad thing.  Or the best thing and the worst thing that happened during the day for them.  It was always interesting.

When the kids were arguing or complaining about one of their siblings, I would stop them and make them say 5 nice things about their sibling.  I loved doing that.  hehehe

It's nice looking back.  Remembering.

It makes me smile.

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