Thursday, October 2, 2014

Memories Dancing Hugs and Tears

 The reception was lots of fun.  We had a full dinner which was yummy.  The wedding cake was great. We loved getting to visit a bit.

I got this great picture of our niece and nephew.  As I looked at them I got a little teary remembering their visits when they were little.  Swimming at Mawmaws, jumping on the trampoline with them,  cooking for them, and all the tricks the cousins all played on each other. How Zach would always say "Whyyyy?"  That day Steph tried on my wedding dress.   I miss them.

So anyway, after dinner the dancing began.

Arent these guys cute?  I dont know them but they sure are sweet.

And this-----   THIS!  All the night before the wedding, and all the next morning I kept telling little Ryan that he was going to dance at the wedding with me.  He kept insisting that he wouldn't.  So when I looked up and saw him dancing with the bride I COULD.NOT.BELIEVE.IT!  I gave him a look!  Yes I did.  (and a wink)  And no I never got the privilege.  Poor Aunt Cristi.  :(

Once the dancing got started it was time for Grayson to shine.  He was not shy about it.

He difinitely had the moves.

Can you tell he was good?

We all had a good time.

I was glad I got to get this shot.  The dip and kiss.

It got a little late for us so it was time to say goodbye.  :(  Seriously I wanted to cry.  So did Steph.  So did mawmaw.

But we said our "I love yous" and our "Goodbyes" and our "See you in May's"  :)

 We got our hugs and out the door we went.

As we were walking to our car we heard her voice from behind...
 She chased us down.  She had forgotten to give her daddy a gift of a photo of them together that she had at the reception on a table full of photographs.  It was so sweet of her.  It means the world to him.  The fact that she left her reception to chase us down was sweet and special and a wonderful opportunity to get one more hug and one more I love you in.  And then we did cry.

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Penny said...

Those last few pics and comments made me cry. Steph is such a sweet girl. I've always loved visiting with her at your house. Congrats, Steph! May you and your little family be blessed always. :)