Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Wow, there is a lot going on. First of all and most important our sweet little Avery Grace is SICK! Really sick. Casey (who is sick too) took her to the doctor this morning. She unfortunately has RSV! The thing you try the hardest not to let them get when they are preemies. Thats the whole reason for no daycare, no big crowds, and no Sunday School. But despite doing everything right, she got it anyway. Thankfully though, they caught it early. She has to take breathing treatments twice a day and some other medicine. They will go back to the doctor on Tuesday and see if it has gone away. PLEASE PRAY IT WILL BE GONE! We are thankful she didnt have to go into the hospital and are praying she wont have to. Since Casey is sick and they dont want us to catch it they told us not to come there. So unless they need us to we are staying here. So a little bit after hearing that news, I walked into the kitchen and heard water running. I knew it sounded like the ice maker. I opened the freezer when water began pouring out of the freezer and splashing on my feet. Looking at my feet is when I noticed the water on the floor!!!! YIKES! The ice maker had gotten stuck and was just running and running. We had to sop all the water from the bottom of the freezer. Wow my hands were cold!!!! Then we had to take out the drawers and sop all the water out of the bottom of the refrigerator! Then mop up the floor, then move the refrigerator out and clean that nasty wet mess up from under it, then put it all back. That was a big job. Sooooo thankful we hadnt already left before finding this little problem. It would have then been a BIG problem! This is balloon race weekend. We did finally get out to see a few balloons this afternoon.

While we were there we met up with some friends and enjoyed watching their kids play. It was sweet seeing their excitement over the hot air balloons.
We even met up with Josh while we were there!

It was a beautiful day. Finally a little cooler. We went on over to get us some grub. Nothing like that food you can get at those things!
Chicken On A Stick
Bloomin Onion

We enjoyed us some fresh squeezed lemonade and really had a nice time. We weren't planning on going this year. But I am really glad we did.

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Jodi said...

Thought I'd swing over and check out your site. I'm so sorry that Avery has RSV. I will be sure to keep her in my prayers. Do you know if she was able to get the Synagis shot? I'll continue praying for a fast, full recovery with no hospital stay.