Monday, November 2, 2009


As a church body in the past, we haven't done anything on October 31st. We do not celebrate Halloween for all that it entails. You can do your own research there. Normally Todd and I "hide out" in the back of the house and leave the lights off so that we do not have to disappoint little goblins and ghosts by telling them we don't have any candy.

This year we did something different. There was a Hallelujah Night with the kids at church.
Thankfully Brother Paul got the lights working outside for the fun. Moses, I mean Todd did a nice job holding the ladder.

We had a hay ride

Cupcake walks

Hidden prizes in a huge haystack

games, Painting

A bon fire

Pizza and lots of fun.

Some dressed as Bible Characters.
There were some very creative and cute costumes.The little ones still loved Todd, even if he did look a lot like Moses.
For one I enjoyed not being "hidden out" because I don't get into Halloween. It was so GREAT to celebrate JESUS instead, and share HIS love.


The Glenn Gang said...

The Pentacostals here do something called "Light the Night" in various homes in neighborhoods across DeLand. They show Veggie Tales on huge screens in front yards. They give out food to people passing by and have games for kids to play. Their goal is be a light in a dark world on a dark night. Great idea. LOVE IT!

Penny said...

Where are Moses' commandments? I missed all the dress up stuff. BTW Leon is still sick and running a fever. Sarah said it was 100.8 under his arm. :( Pray for him, please. Hated coming home this afternoon to an "empty" house. Miss my boy baby! Counting the days till Thanksgiving break! =)

Cristi said...

I didnt realize how rough I looked that night until I saw the few picture I was in. LOL So no commandments pictures on my blog! It IS MY blog. hehehe

brtty Stella said...

Some very creative and loving people there!

Avery's Mommy said...

I love this idea...too bad we didn't do it when we were little! I guess this will be our tradition w/ Avery every year :)

Calley said...

Great pictures, Cristi! I enjoyed Hallelujah Night, too! :)