Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where Am I?

Good Greif - You thought I fell of the face fo the earth didnt you? Well I didnt and contrary to popular belief neither did my computer. My adapter died. I ordered another expensive one and it has yet to come in. They keep e mailing me telling it will be shipped later and later. So eventually it will come in. I have faith. Then I will be able to catch you up on the goings and comings here with pictures of course. I think I am going into withdrawal from not being able to edit pictures SO go ahead, get ready cause when I get rolling there will be lots of pictures!

Thats it for now as I am at work. Just didnt want anyone to think I had given up on blogging. No way.

Have a great week and maybe by next week I will be back here. :)


Mallory said...

my laptop adapter just gave out one day, and i was just too lazy to use the desktop computer most nights =)

i ended up just buying a new one for close to $100 but it's worth it to have the laptop back =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Wow they sure are taking forever!

Can't wait to see all those pics and hope I didn't still them all. Esp if I didn't edit them! OOOPS!

Penny said...

I was wondering! Hey, how can you get on at work?! Our school has a "social network" block and you can't get into facebook, myspace, or blogs. (I only tried after work to show the other teachers--- not during teaching time, honest.) lol
PS Don't you still have your desktop?

Jami Ainsworth said...

I haven't given up either...I guess I am just taking a break until I get some other important stuff (like taxes) taken care of too! I don't know if I can ever completely backtrack, but I hope to do so somewhat. I still enjoy blog following.