Monday, April 26, 2010

iPhone Photos

So thanks to my daughter I learned how to put my pictures from my iPhone onto my computer. So now I can show you a few more photos from our Dallas trip!

Okay once we got there, Todd decided to let me do a little shopping first as opposed to driving out to the racetrack just to see what was up and maybe get a Saturday race in as well as the Sunday race that was planned. Good thing he made that decision because that night race was cancelled because of weather. So that drive to the track would have been in vain! We headed out to the Galleria Mall which is nothing like any malls near me. The ice skating was fun to watch. As a matter of fact the restaurant where we ate supper was right there near the rink so you could watch. We enjoyed that and the mexican food was GREAT.

There was this great candy shop there too. How in the world do they sell all that candy before it ruins?!

This was the view from the elevator at the Hilton where we stayed. Did I mention this was all a gift from our family? What a great family! (Who would be just as great without gifts by the way)

This was from the first day at the racetrack. We were trying to stay warm and dry. Boy was I glad I brought that blanket with me! Sure came in handy for like 4 hours! lol

Somehow we ended up at Olive Garden at some point before we left town. Todd does not eat Pasta! But he does eat STEAK! He said it was great. I ate the short ribs with risotto! It was unbelievable!

I am glad that I can use my iPhone for pictures on my blog now from time to time.


Avery's Mommy said...

I figured I'd see a post like this soon. Good pics for the iPhone too!

brtty stella said...

your I-phone sure makes good pictures! Glad you both enjoyed your Race week-end!