Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekends are GREAT

It took me a while to get these photos ready. I have been crazy busy at work which means I have been completely exhausted in the evenings. But I finally got them done so here is a post of pictures from Easter Weekend.
On Saturday the guys went golfing again and had a good time again! The girls did not go along on this trip. We stayed here at Nonna's house. Avery spent some time practicing hop, hop, hopping. She was really good at it too.

She chased some bubbles.

When they got back from the golf course, Josh showed up with a little surprise. They named him Hulk!

For that Avery gave Josh one of her beloved kisses!Poppa didn't give her the turtle but he got kisses and hugs anyway. I guess just because he is Poppa!And`No, he didn't wear that golfing. He came in and changed clothes really quickly because he was planning on going somewhere else. But`I guess that hug pulled some heart strings because he decided to stay with us. :)

Unfortunately Hulk must not have enjoyed his high rise apartment we found for him.
Or maybe he thought we were too crazy around here or something because it did not take him long to escape and run away. :(

We enjoyed our weekend again because weekends are GREAT!

Oh and I just added this picture because I LOVE it!
So we are almost to another weekend which I am looking forward to. Come on Weekend!!!!


Rachel said...

Those pictures are adorable! Looks like everyone had a wondeful Easter!

Avery's Mommy said...

Great pics. So happy another weekend is on the way. I realllllllly need it this time! :)