Saturday, April 10, 2010

Louder and Busier

This weekend Todd and I are spending a very quiet time at home alone. Josh went to the Catfish Festival after work. Thats probably what we should have done. I am sure he is having fun. We enjoyed it last year. But this weekend we just decided to stay here. Casey Charlie and Avery went to the zoo in Monroe. I am sure that was nice. Hope I get to see pictures. I wonder if Avery loved it? It is nice and quiet here and we are enjoying the restful time. Tonight we have a dinner to go to with the people he works with and their wives/dates. That should be nice. For now though I am finishing up working on some of Joshuas graduation invitations finally and just enjoying the quiet. Thought I would jump on here and show you a few more pictures from the much louder and busier last weekend. So when the guys all get together around here they love to shoot some hoop. That is what they did. BASKETBALL They love it. It was a little tiring. Avery really wanted to get in on the action and the guys really didnt want to land on her, so Gigi strapped her in the stroller and went around the block for a nice walk. I guess that was tiring as well because when they got back she was out like a light! She even stayed asleep after Gigi brought her in. She napped on her mom for a nice little while.
Josh and Charlie take these things pretty seriously! Of course Todd was all smiles. They had a good time. I cant remember who won. I am sure they do though. We had a real good Easter weekend. I think Avery always counts it good when she can see Nonna AND Gigi in the same weekend. That girl LOVES her Gigi.


Avery's Mommy said...

Almost came for a surprise visit today. We just can't stay away, can we?

Cristi said...

Daddy would have loved it! Enjoyed my phone call from Avery this morning! :)