Monday, May 3, 2010

Almost Mothers Day

So this Sunday is Mothers Day. It will be a busy day for us. Not because it's Mothers Day though. It will be Joshua's Baccalaureate Service. Bright and Early-8:00! We will all be up and ready to see the graduates walk in, dressed in their caps and gowns, ready to hear God's word, and words of encouragement as Class of 2010. (Pictures to follow) This Mothers Day will be a memory maker for sure. My last child, the baby, is graduating. This will be the last Baccalaureate Service I attend as a parent of a graduate.

Since Mothers Day is on it's way, I decided to put some Mother memories out there. If you have kept up with my blog, you know I like doing these memory things from time to time.

So first-my mother:
  • I remember when I was little playing dress up in her clothes. There was this one particular black and gray dressy dress with a flowing skirt. I loved it. I would probably wear it now too, if it's as I remember it. lol
  • I remember when she got a GUN for Christmas! lol- A pistol. That cracks me up! I have pictures to prove it. I guess that's where my boys get their love for weapons! Lol
  • Oh and I know where I get my love for singing. She sings well, and I remember many songs she sang as I grew up.
  • And the cooking, oh the food. I remember the good homecooking. She taught me that you DO NOT make spaghetti sauce from a jar. Mmmmm the greek chicken soup! And the desserts! Yummy
Then I became a Mother:
  • I remember being so scared (Look I was only 19 years old) wondering what that delivery was going to be like. Then exhausted, and so glad that part was finally over.
  • I said this before, but I remember being pregnant for the 2nd time wondering how in the world I could ever love another baby as much as my precious little girl. Then seeing him for the first time- how the love just exploded. It was so cool.
  • I remember so many of the school assignments that said how much they love me. I love those! Still have lots of them.
  • Of course then there are the times that they hurt or are nervous or scared - and I remember feeling the hurt, the nervousness, and the fear.
Now my little Casey is a mother too - Oh my goodness:
  • Of course I remember her tiny tiny baby and all the concern she caused
  • I remember that day they brought her home and the excitement and the tears!
  • I remember the first kiss from a miracle baby!
  • I remember the first time I saw her in a corner! (I have a picture! hehehe)
Oh so many memories to make
I thank God for my mother
I thank God I am a mother
I thank God my daughter is a mother



Avery's Mommy said...

This made me laugh and cry. Great post! Oh how blessed we are to have great moms and to be able to help raise great moms!

Laura said...

Loved this post! I have tears in my eyes!

brtty stella said...

Just read this post day after Mother's Day. Brought tears as lots of your posts do. I feel many of the same things you expressed, just a little further along on life's journey! Love lasts forever!!!