Monday, May 17, 2010

Praise To God

Wow have I been busy! Continuing on with our year of CELEBRATIONS, we celebrated Joshua's recent graduation beginning with Baccalaureate. I am so thankful that our school system still HONORS that tradition. I am surprised that this day and age where schools cant pray... that we are still allowed this privileged to enjoy a religious celebration as Class of 2010. This year our family was honored that Todd was asked to preach at the ceremony. He did a wonderful job, if I do say so myself. I got so many comments from people in the community that were blessed by his sermon. I was not only a proud mama of a graduate, but also a proud wife of a wonderful husband.

I was so glad that my sweet friend and her family did the special music for Baccalaureate. I love to hear the Harrigills sing. They are sooooo talented and have a love for the Lord that I have seen for decades.

The service was very nice. One of the best I have been to and a great way to start graduation week, giving honor and praise to our God. It is God who gave Joshua to us to begin with. It is God who blessed him to be able to do so well in school and bring him to this point. IT IS GOD who will go with him as he moves ahead with his life.


brtty stella said...

Wish I could have heard the sermon from Todd. I am sure it was great as he is great!! You really are blessed family!

Avery's Mommy said...

You really were right about the year of celebrations huh. That is really crazy. You claimed it and it is happening!

Cristi said...

Guess what it's going to keep happening. I dont know what else but more is on the way.

Penny said...

Love the post and the pictures. When are you going to post the grad ones? You better hurry up~ you've got Mark's Sat. right?
Did you get one of Shelbi getting her diploma? No problem if you didn't since Wesley DVD'd it, just wanted one for the blog and no way was I going to try to run up through that crowd to snap one. :)