Monday, May 31, 2010

We Have a College Graduate!

Finally I am getting around to this post.

After the great time we had going around the campus of Louisiana Tech University taking pictures which I love and am so glad I have, we headed over to the Commencement Services. This is Mark walking in on his phone with his brother. There was great excitement. We were all proud of him and excited for him. He was pretty proud of himself and excited too. It was difficult to find him in this crowd. I would lose sight of him every now and then. Then it was his turn to make his way toward the stage to receive his diploma.
In his excitement he hugged the President of the University.
He also high fived this dignitary. After his graduation we waited for him outside and hugged and enjoyed the feelings of celebration. Here is a picture of the College Graduate with his family!Then to a great dinner and a piece of this cake! Here is our Son in his new Alumni T-Shirt! :)

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Penny said...

Those pictures turned out really well! Congrats to Mark (and mom and dad of course). :)