Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Senior Night

The tradition at our School of Senior Night is one of my favorite times of graduation week. This ceremony is put on by the Seniors themselves for the most part. With a little guidance and help from Senior sponsors, they put together memories to share and talents to showcase. They all file in dressed in the clothes they will wear under their caps and gowns on graduation day. The sun going down and the tiki light fires make for a nice atmosphere. We get to see slideshows of the year gone by which usually bring a couple of tears, at least to cry babies like me. There is a speech or two which usually bring a smile or two. One speech in particular even brought tears along with it. You can read about that here.

Then there is the rose ceremony where the kids bring a rose to their moms, and or other special people in their lives. I was happy to receive my rose from Josh along with the hug that came with it. I may go to another Senior night in the years to come but none as special as this one, where I attended as a parent of a graduate for the very last time.

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