Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farm Day

On our way home from the beach the guys went to Baton Rouge so Josh could get his laptop for college and Mark could get an iphone 4 since Charlie pushed him in the pool at the condo without warning. -as Mark put it another iphone bit the dust! Woo, that was NOT our funnest moment of the trip!

The girls and Poppa did not go to Baton Rouge. We decided to do something much more fun. We went through Brookhaven to take Avery to see her beloved Gigi and Paps. Although it took us FOREVER to get there because we got LOST! Poppa finally found it with a little help from Casey's iphone. We visited with them for a few minutes telling them about our trip and then for the grand finale we went to see Uncle Cris who is Bill's brother. Some also call him Uncle Wayne. His real name is Wayne but got nicknamed Cris, short for Criswell. We call him Uncle Cris. He has ANIMALS! Lots of animals. I dont know how in the world he and Aunt Betty keep up with all of these critters. Avery was beyond excited!

Frist we saw the dogs who were yelping and jumping. she yelped and jumped right back at them grinning and waving her arms.
Then there were chickens. We didnt get to touch them but got a quick look.

On to the goats. In this picture it looks like the goat is saying "Oh goodness, whats that kid doing here?" They were so cute and Avery loved chasing them. Of course she could never catch them. But Uncle Cris did. The babies were inside the shed or barn or whatever you call it. Anyway we got to go in and see them too. How sweet.

That's not all. There were rabbits too! All big and white with pink ears and eyes!
Not only did they have ANIMALS, they also had fruit trees. There were pear trees, and fig trees, and peach trees. Avery spent a few minutes picking peaches that smelled wonderful. Gigi got us a bag to put them in so we could bring them home to eat. Unfortunately we went back to Gigi and Paps before we left and the bag remained on the table. :(

It was really hot and no breeze off the ocean either. But we had a good visit.

This is Todds parents Linda and Bill, and Bills brother Wayne, or Uncle Cris as we call him, and Aunt Betty. Another family photo of sorts! :) Bill is 79 and Cris is 82. Can you believe he does all that at 82? Good for him!

After Paps gave Avery a pretty flower, there were bye bye kisses and off we went.
I mean really, who wants to go buy laptops and Iphones when you could be making memories?


brtty stella said...

love all the animal pics with Avery! So cute. Does Linda's hair ever look messed up? LOL!

Avery's Mommy said...

Love this post. And I did not know that Uncle Cris was called Cris for Criswell! I thought his name was Wayne Chris or Chris Wayne. lol. Anyway, great pics and glad she got to go to the petting zoo ;)

Penny said...

My Poppa was called Rich, short for Richardson. He hated Floyd Leon. lol
The picture of Avery with the baby goat was sweet! There is a petting zoo near Jena with zebras and llamas and a lot of animals Avery would love to see and pet. :)