Saturday, July 10, 2010

Live, Laugh, & Love

We have really been enjoying the last few days.

Todd got some MUCH NEEDED time away from work starting Friday. We have done some yard work which he enjoys but almost killed me. I dont know how they do that all the time. Personally I think its too hot in Louisiana for yard work. But that's just me. We have gone walking on the Riverwalk twice so far. It is so nice up there. The breeze was blowing. We went early both times so it wasnt sweltering yet. Hot yes, but bearable. We got some good exercise in and had some great talks walking up there. We have just been enjoying each other and our time together.

Tomorrow is Uncle Mickeys' birthday so Bill and Linda are coming here with an Ice Cream Cake! YUM! We will celebrate with him.

Then on Monday we will be spending some time with all our kids, our grandbaby, and Mickey for a few days. We are really looking forward to our time together as a family. I hope to get lots of great pictures. I even requested everyone wear matching outfits. We will see how that turns out. Will someone say "I forgot"? Will the boys "throw gang signs" It could happen! Will they do some other inappropriate picture ruining thing? Will little Miss Avery cooperate? Can I make sure Jami Ainsworth is there to operate the camera?

OK I am pretty sure that last one wont happen. I hope it all works out for a nice family photo though. Mickey will take some shots of us. And I will take some shots of the boys with their beloved Uncle Mickey. Thats the plan anyway.

So the next time I post there should be some pictures of our time together. :)

Ok well, shortly we will be again making more memories with some of the people we love the most in this world. Hopefully you will get to do the same.

Live, Laugh, & Love
-- That is what we will be doing!

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brtty stella said...

enjoyed this one! Now waiting for the beach pics! You sure have a close and wonderful family.