Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What No Pictures???

I REALLY cant believe that I didn't take even one picture on July the 4th! That is nuts. Shame on me!! All the kids were here and I had plenty of opportunity. It just didn't happen. We did enjoy each other though. We grilled and had a nice day together. Good food + good family=FUN.

Well I know that we are going to have to some great chances for good pictures coming up soon, so I will use my camera then. But since I did not use it on the 4th I might as well go on and use some more pictures from Fathers Day!

Oh and you may notice I added a button at the top of my blog. I am praying for this sweet family. They have been through many challenges in their journey to parenthood. Now they have tiny baby Bennett who is fighting hard. He reminds me of another tiny someone who was the same sort of fighter not so long ago. I know they pray for the day that they can watch Bennett play in the water hose in their yard on Fathers Day. God Bless this family. In Jesus Name! Please pray with me. Thanks


Avery's Mommy said...

I didn't either. I am a PICTURE SLACKER lately. I need to get w/ it!

Penny said...

Love that Avery is perfectly healthy! I also thought about her when I read Adrienne's post and saw Bennett's pictures. Even though she had almost a whole pound on him, I'd never seen anything so small in my life. Not up close and personal at least. He seems to be doing well. Thank God for that.