Saturday, November 27, 2010

Childrens Museum

Avery loves a Childrens Museum.

She has been to a few of them so when we were deciding between the zoo and the Childrens museum we went with the museum for this trip. Maybe we will do the zoo next time. She thinks we made the right decision.

As soon as we walked in that place she took off and never slowed down once. From one activity to the next, no breaks, no resting, no slowing down. None. She loved it.

We went back to the Dentist place about 3 times. She really like that for some reason. Maybe we have a Dentist in our future. ???

She absolutely LOVED the grocery store too. She shopped until she dropped. Oh wait, she definitely didnt drop. She just shopped and shopped. As a matter of fact I was beginning to think we werent going to be able to get her out of that grocery store without loud screams. But we did entice her with the water feature at the next station.

Another favorite of her was the kitchen. She worked hard in there cooking for all of us. As you can see in this photo she took this pretty seriously. She is bringing out her chicken she fried up for Nonna and Grandma. Safety first of course which is why she is wearing her pot holder. Serious stuff.

I dont think Avery would have been happier if we had been in an actual palace.

After our FUN time at the Childrens Museum we took Avery into the gift shop since she was such a good girl for a treat. She chose a horn that she adores.
Our trip was:

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