Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here are a few random thoughts.

  • Tonight I made Lemon cream pasta with grilled chicken since Mark was home for dental appointments. He made a large plate of it's deliciousness and promptly spilled the entire portion all over the stove top, counter, and floor. (Don't worry there was plenty more where that came from.)
  • I put up my Christmas tree ALREADY! It is so beautiful that it almost made me emotional. I am just that kinda gal.

  • I am thinking about making new desserts that I have never done for Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Pecan Cobbler & Moms Banana Dessert (Mom in this instance is Paula Deen) I usually do lemon pie, or Banana Pudding, which are both quite delicious, but these sound great so I may go with them!

  • I love how Avery says "I luh you too" Even when you haven't told her you love her first.

  • I have I have "7" things in my living room that say "Merry Christmas". That does not include the Wrapping paper covering gifts with those words all over them, nor the ribbon wrapped around and around my beautiful tree with the words flowing and flowing throughout.

  • I am concerned for the health of my boss.
  • As a result of Mark being home and me leaving my makeup bag in his room, and the fact that I didnt want to wake him while I was getting ready for work - I went to work with NO MASCARA on today. THAT'S A FIRST EVER! I guess as you get older you lose some vanity. :) I had bits and pieces of old makeup here and there, but no mascara. When I realized that was the only thing missing, I just skipped it.
  • I enjoy watching "The Duggars".

  • Was reminiscing today about our "Colorado trip" from several years back. Man Oh Man. I am thinking we are going to have to do a trip to redeem ourselves on that one. You know one without a BLIZZARD!

  • I still have no furniture in my bedroom. :)

  • I am going to see my mama this weekend and I am sooo EXCITED about it. The icing on the cake is Todd gets to go too! What a great surprise for him to be able to go with us!! It should be a great a trip for Todd, Casey, Avery, and I. "Happy Dance, Happy Dance" (Just in case there are criminals reading this, --No my house will not be empty. I have two strong house sitters that will be here who I happen to be related to. So there!)
So what are some of your random thoughts?


Betty said...

Glad I can comment again

Betty said...

Glad to see yall.