Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tennessee Visit

We were blessed to be able to go see my mom this weekend. I was so glad Todd got to go too. I HATE HATE driving without him out of town. But I was willing to go with just Casey and Avery. That was the initial plan. Thankfully he went with us though and we had a very nice visit.

The last time we went to moms my brother was out of town, but this time Johnny was there too so we got to see him also. Yep thats my brother. What you didnt know he was a Harley guy?

We saw this huge- like humongous spider. It sent chills up my spine. Dont like spiders.

Avery did really well on the trip. I definitely took advantage of the fall colors there for these pictures.
So much to be THANKFUL for!


More later.


Laura said...

Avery is getting SOOOO big! I recognize that outfit!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Penny said...

Great fall pictures! Our leaves were wet this past weekend~ I had wanted to get Leon's picture in a pile of them. :(
Yuck on the spider. I hate them, too.
Glad Todd got to go with you. :) I do know how you hate to drive very far.

Penny said...

Wait! Where's a picture of your mom?!