Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Last weekend was our annual Balloon Race Festival.  It so happened that none of our children came home for it.  :(  My plan was that I see balloons every year.  Once you've seen one, you've seen them all.  I planned on sleeping in on Saturday and skipping the whole finding balloons thing.  So I slept till I woke up which turned out to be pretty early.  I made coffee,  had a cup and then decided, WHY NOT?  I love to take pictures.  What else did I have to do?  So, by golly, I got ready, grabbed my camera, and was ready to go.  Just about that time, Todd called.  He was working and wanted me to know that the balloons were all over at the mall.  He suggested I go on out and have a look at them.  :)  So then I knew which direction to go!  I drove over the bridge and saw several just across the bridge at the hotel there that used to be The Ramada.  So I drove up there and enjoyed those there for a few minutes.  Got a few good shots there.

 Then I headed on over to the mall.  There were so many people behind the mall, I COULD NOT find a place to park!  So I hauled my little Camry right into the grass and parked before all the balloons flew away and I missed all the good shots. 

 This one was coming down.
 Even though I thought I didnt want to go do this at first it turned out pretty nice. 

 I guess no matter how many times you see all these things in the sky, it never gets old.

 I loved the shots where I could just look up into the balloon.

 It was a BEAUTIFUL day for it.  The sky was gorgeous.  Weather was great.

 I love the close up shots.
 It was pretty fun, even by myself.  I was even a little disappointed when my camera battery died on me and I had to head on home.  By the way, when I made it back to my car there were plenty of other cars that followed my lead and parked there in the grass.  :)   I think I got some good pictures.  Maybe one day I will get to take pictures from inside a balloon flying across the sky!  Yes, I would love to do that!

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