Monday, October 8, 2012


 Well I finally took the time to blog again.  And I finally took some pictures to blog about...

First of all this is your introduction to... Paige.  She is Marks girlfriend.  We love her and are glad she was a part of our weekend. 
 She is a great match for Mark.  The both LOVE hunting.  He even surprised her with an interesting birthday gift...  They jumped out of an airplane!!  And... she LOVED it!  I tell ya, they have a lot in common.

 The whole family got together this weekend.  We had things to celebrate.  But first we enjoyed family time.  We played ladderball in the yard.  Casey was getting the hang of it this time.  She even won her game against Sebastian.  :)
 This is her scoring here!

 And this is the face Sebastian made when she made her winning shot.

This is Avery running around so glad to be outside with everyone.  She was actually playing chase with Paige and Mark here.

 Earlier I mentioned that we got together this weekend to celebrate.  We were celebrating Todds Mothers birthday.  She turned 67 on October 4th!  She is always doing something for someone else and we decided we wanted to do something for her.  So several of us met together this weekend at The Sandbar and enjoyed lunch, cake, presents, and most importantly family time together for her birthday celebration.  We really had a very nice time.

 This daughter of mine REALLY loves her Mamaw!  She really does.  She would do anything for her (and has) because she knows her Mamaw is the same way and would do anything for her, or any of us for that matter.  At the restaurant before cutting the cake Casey gave a small speech about Mawmaw.  It was very sweet!

This is during the prayer before our meal.  Yes I was taking pictures.  Lord forgive me.  :)

 This is when Richard and Corre got there.  Sebastian hadnt seen them in a while.He was happy to see his daddy.  They had been out of town and yes Linda and Bill were babysitting, and dog sitting!  I told you!

 He is such a cutie!
I think Mawmaw and Pawpaw were glad to be able to get together with everyone.  
 I know Linda had a good time.

And here is another one of my girls that LOVES her some Gigi.  I know its a little confusing but Avery calls Mawmaw, Gigi.  I love this sweet picture of them.

And speaking of SWEET PICTURES!  
I am glad we had this celebration for Todds mom.  We enjoyed the weekend for sure.  There was lots of food and laughing and fun as there usually is when we are all together.


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