Monday, October 22, 2012

Game Time

 This is my last post from Avery's visit with Nonna and Poppa.  We packed in lots of fun in our short time together.  Games were definitely on the agenda.  We played "our version" of dominoes.  It was close to the actual version but not exactly.  Simply because Nonna doesn't play dominoes thus doesn't know the rules very well.  Uncle Mickey gave us a few tips which helped get us started.  It was fun. 
 We also played Jenga.  She likes that and is getting quite good at it.

This is Poppa playing Ladderball with Avery. 

 Averys turn!  I assure you, that was a good shot!

And this last picture is a shot of when Avery and I were making snowflakes!  It was a pinterest idea using a hot glue gun, glitter, and wax paper.  Now you should know, that the best thing about our snowflakes.......was this picture.  Yea maybe you are much more crafty and way smarter than me, but our snowflakes went in the trash.  Of course Avery didnt really know that. The picture however, is CUTE!

Okie dokie, thats it.  The end of Averys visit- blog posts.

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