Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Decor

 Last weekend after we had Mawmaws Birthday Party with the family, Casey and Charlie went to Baton Rouge for a rare Date Night away.  I was off on Monday since it was Columbus Day and school was out so Avery got to stay with Nonna and Poppa who has Mondays off.   We had a GREAT TIME. I had a few projects in mind for us so early Monday morning we got busy.  First task on the agenda, gather acorns.  Avery was really good at this and had fun doing it.

 She knew to throw away the yucky looking ones.
 So we gathered plenty of acorns, bagged them up and brought them inside for use in our project. 
 We needed candles, pretty glass candle holders, and the acorns for a fall table decoration.
 Avery placed the candles carefully inside the candle holders.  I made sure they were centered.  I cleaned the acorns really good and then Avery placed them around the candles. 
 I added some ribbon, which was suppose to be "fall" ribbon but  I couldnt find any, so I went with Gold!  Here they are all lit and pretty
 I probably should have turned the light on to make these iphone pictures.  But I like the shimmer!

Avery was quite proud of our effort.  She enjoyed creating as much as I do.  It wont be long before I get to turn this into a Christmas table decoration!  :)

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