Friday, October 19, 2012

Time for A Recipe Post

 As much as I love to cook you would think I would do more recipe posts.  I figured it was about time for one.  I made this recently and it was so good.  It's a Spicy Beef Po Boy. 

Here is what you do.  First of all salt and pepper a chuck roast really good on both sides and then brown it good  in Olive Oil.  I use Extra Virgin.  
 When it is good and brown you remove it from the pan.  Next pour in a box of this.
 Now you gotta scrape up all the good flavorful dark stuff in the bottom of the pan.  Thats the flavor right there. Then add a can of these. I normally get a name brand, but this was all they had so its what I got.  It was fine.
 Now for the good part baby!  CHERRY PEPPERS  I had never tried cherry peppers before.  I was a little nervous about adding them but they looked good enough so I went with it.  I used half a jar. And I drained them.  The liquid would have been a little hot.

 Then I added a whole jar of these sweeties.  I have tried them.  I love them and we use them a good bit. So in they went, liquid and all!

Now I dont have a picture of the next ingredient.  Silly me.  But you know those tiny jars of pimentos.  Yep use the whole little jar. Just pour it in. Stir everything around.  Looking yummy already.

 Next add that chuck roast back in.  Settle it deep down in there.  Cover it with a lid and then add to a preheated oven at 300 degrees.  There it will stay for 4 hours.  Yes I said FOUR!  I know, I know, thats a long time.  Its worth it!
After the four hours are up, take the beautiful pot out of the oven.  Oh sorry if you dont have a beautiful pot like mine.  :)  Anyway take the meat out, and shred it.  Then take out the peppers and remove the stems.  I guess you could do this before cooking.  Maybe I will next time.  Once the meats all shredded and the peppers are de-stemmed, add it all back to the liquid gold in the pot. 

Now I know this is bad for you, but the next step adds wonderfulness.  Melt a little butter in a skillet.  Take your Po-Boy buns and brown them in the butter. Once browned, add spoonfuls of the Saucy Meat Pepper goodness to the top of the buns.  Add a slice of mozzerella, (not to Todd's of course).  Cut it in half (my preference) and dig in!  Really really good.  Sorry I was so anxious to eat this great sandwich I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  :(

Anyway, you should try this.  It was really good!

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