Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Moved To Tears

 We got to enjoy very much, some more of Gods beauty as we continued our drive.

 Ok confession time.  I hereby confess that as we drove and I continually saw such beautiful sights as these,  I was moved to tears.  Like real, wipe them away tears.  As a matter of fact Todd looked over at me once and noticed my tears and thought someone had texted me some bad news or something.  He wondered and asked me what was wrong.  I just said "It's so beautiful" sniff sniff...   I know, I'm so weird...

These were everywhere out there, and huge.

We drove through the Mohave Desert for a while.  Miles and miles of this.

and nothing else...

It was so neat just heading off exploring.  Even if it did stress me out when I wasn't so sure where we were going to end up.  But Todd did great and got us to each destination as planned.

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