Monday, June 27, 2016

What A Privilege

 YES we did see BEARS! A mama and her two cubs.  I didnt get any shots of the cubs where you could tell thats what you were looking at but we did see them and they were precious playing together.

This is their mama.  You may have to click on the picture to see it better.

 When we were looking for bears, after someone told us they had seen one.  Todd and I separated.  I know that probably wasn't smart.  But I wanted to look one place and he was looking another.  We weren't too far apart.  I mean I could still see him.  But we just weren't right there together.  Any way, at some point I kept hearing this rustling sound.  I turned to look reminding myself I needed to be aware of my surroundings.  I saw nothing, but then heard it again.  Until finally I turned and saw - way too close for comfort, mind you-- the mama bear.  I held my breath and backed away.  I didn't even take any pictures at that point.  I know right???!!!  But what a sight it was.  A blessing indeed!

 And then we watched and gazed and enjoyed and watched them some more.  There was this very nice couple we met there who stood and watched with us for a bit. They were from England and the woman kept saying over and over, "What a privilege."  And wasn't she right.  What a complete privilege that was.  What a blessing and a privilege for sure.

Can you tell I was excited?  Yes, yes I was.

This entire place was just so totally beautiful beyond description and way beyond what these pictures can show.
So yes we stayed here...

yes, way longer than we should have but boy was it GREAT and such a PRIVILEGE!

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