Friday, June 17, 2016

Sights Unseen

 As we left the gorgeous Grand Canyon we saw sights like this.  It was so cool.  Certainly not sights I've seen before.

Just on the side of the road!

Another interesting fact... As we drove (and drove) we moved from one land formation to another.  The mountains were so pretty everywhere I looked.  And I could not stop looking.  And telling Todd to look.  Then, remembering that he WAS driving and he should not look at every single thing I thought was beautiful or interesting...  Anyway the most interesting thing was that there would be mountains like these, all rocky.

Then you drive a while and you would start to see trees mixed in.

 Then drive a while and maybe just more dirt and no green.

 Then drive a while.  Did I mention we did a lot of DRIVING? and you would see rock with trees sticking out of the rock.

As you notice, I did lots of picture taking straight from the window of the vehicle.  I finally had to tell myself to stop taking pictures from the moving car.  = blurry pictures!  But I just couldnt help myself.  If we would have had time I would have stopped every 15 minutes for a photo shoot!  #ilovepictures

 The drive from the Grand Canyon to Nevada was the most beautiful ever.  I am so glad we got to do this and I will never forget Gods beauty we saw.

We went in to Las Vegas and got to see Blue Man Group.  We couldnt take any pictures there but really enjoyed the show.  It is so crazy how they can do an entire show and never once speak a word. It was fun and enjoyable.  So glad we did that.  As a matter of fact if not for that show I dont think we would say we really enjoyed Las Vegas at all.  The driving was crazy!  There were sooooo many people.  I wondered if that was what New York was like.  We didnt stay in a place where we were in walking distance of things.  (Mistake)  Parking=Impossible  So all of that sorta dampered the rest, but Blue Man Group was great.

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