Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School

Our first day back after Gustav was not so bad actually. I finished my Principals Report, and Started and Finished my Financial Report! Wow Both in one day! Thats crazy. The thing I hate the most about my job is that Financial Report. I never was cut out to be an accountant. Secretary was what I agreed to. Well I guess I agreed to it but I certainly didnt understand all that it entailed. I hate hate hate that part. Actually that is the only part I dislike, but it sometimes overshadows all the rest of the job. But not days like today, when I can start it and finish it all in one day. Thank you Lord. My auditors have set their next date to come visit me. It will be in October. I hope everything goes ok. My stomach is shuddering at the thought. :{ Sometimes when people find out that I dont "love" my job. They make comments about the kids. I always set them straight on that, No, it is not the kids. The kids are great. There have only been a couple that have caused me any trouble. In fact I love the kids. I see that as a big part of the reason I am there. I know God put me there for some reason. I cant believe that it has much to do with the accounting of the school. LOL I know there have been times when He has used me with the kids. I feel like there will be more times. Already this year I can see a few things that God has me praying about. There are so many stories there, just in our little school. So many lives with so many things going on in them. I wish I could make everything great for all of them. Of course thats not possible. But God can use me as I allow Him to. That is what I plan to do. I certainly do not want this job to be in vain! I want to be used here for as long as I am here. So I will continue to ask God how He wants to use me each day. And maybe next month I will again have a Financial Report that doesnt give me a stomach ache.


Jami Ainsworth said...

I thank God for sending you there my child! She needs all "the other" moms that she can get! Thanks for being there for her yesterday with the locker delimia.

Jami Ainsworth said...

I think I spelled that wrong? Delima (that doesn't look right either) I am the one that should be in school. hehe

The Glenn Gang said...

Imagine how this world would be different if ALL Christians viewed their jobs that way. There is on greater mission field for us!

Glad I stumbled upon your blog! :-)