Monday, September 29, 2008


Things I Remember
  • Casey saying "Go out and shut my door" at bedtime when she was 2 years old. (That girl always loved her some sleep)
  • Casey crying because everyone else was going to be smarter than her (She didn't get in VLE pre-school: scored too high on the entrance test)
  • Mark waking up in the night crying as a baby (Didn't want anything, just someone to be awake with him)
  • Mark constantly bumping into walls and falling down as a toddler
  • Joshua's big beautiful baby eyes
  • Josh dumping detergent all down the washing machine, and his head, face, shirt, and jeans
  • Them playing school all afternoon, after going to school all day
  • Josh throwing his fits by laying out in the floor, not making a sound (What a punishment for us!LOL)
  • Lemonade stands
  • Little skits they put on for us
  • Checking the kids out of school so they could play in the snow, and then being really glad I did, because by the time the bus came that afternoon it had all melted
  • If you ever interrupted, or tried to "help" Casey say what she was trying to say, she would start her story completely over ( We learned never to interrupt, just wait patiently, or we would be there a while)
  • Mark getting shot by Shayne with a BB gun
  • Josh pulling down the Christmas tree (2 years in a row)
  • Cheers and Dances
  • Mark swimming in Mawmaws pool in May - "No, I'm not cold, my teeth just wont quit shaking."
  • Josh learning to ride a bike at 3 (no training wheels)
  • DARE fishing tournaments
  • Cutting down Christmas trees at the tree farms
  • Horseback riding, and "Tip & Jans"
  • Not allowing anyone to say the words "Tip & Jans" for a few years
  • Mark, after being tucked in (under age 2) - "I love you people"
  • Casey reaching into her stocking at Christmas - "A STAPLER! A STAPLER! A STAPLER!!! You cannot imagine the excitement it brought
  • Mark in his prize winning Clifford the Big Red Dog outfit for Book Character Day at VLE
  • Josh in the same outfit for the same event several years later, then when the time came to go to school him saying-"I AM NOT WEARING THIS TO SCHOOL." Needless to say, we were late that day.
  • Duncan Park Days
  • The tape they made me that was priceless, and probably the best gift they ever gave me. It had songs and piano pieces, and many wonderful, incredible things on it. (Later it was taped over accidentally - Judge Joe Brown UGHHHHH!! Believe me that taught me to pull the little plastic tab off. A little too late. I will always treasure the fact that I had it. I only wish I could remember more of it. It seriously makes me cry! LOL
  • Oh so many more wonderful memories of my children as they grew into such wonderful people that I am so proud of


Jami Ainsworth said...

I like this. I should do one like this too. Do mind if I copy? Oh the memories of a special they are.

The Glenn Gang said...

Very sweet! Some of those make me laugh and I wasn't even there to experience them! (obviously!)

Cristi said...

Go for it Jami. I would love to read some of your memories.

Avery's Mommy said...

love love love that post. i should do that once a week for avery! it made me laugh out loud at work!