Monday, September 22, 2008


Well a lot has gone on since my last post. Avery came to spend a weekend with us. She was real good on the trip here. When she got here though, she screamed. I dont know what the deal was but she was so unhappy. When I finally got her to take her bottle she took a nap. When she woke up she was fine. We had a great time with her. She played and squealed and smiled and was so good.

Her mommy got some needed rest that weekend. As you can tell from the photo I was pretty happy to have our little miracle with me for a bit. Well after that great visit with her, Calley had her sweet baby boy Amaus. I was so blessed to be able to be a part of that. They asked me to come along to take some photographs. I did and it was such a sweet and blessed day. Calley did a wonderful job. No medication and he was the biggest baby I have ever seen. 10 pounds 11.9 ounces! WOW! So cute! Head full of dark hair. I always wanted a baby with lots of hair. Never happened for me. She had praise music playing, I was praying for her (silently of course). Danny was too, I am sure. The whole atmosphere was peaceful. It was so different from the norm. Not sterile feeling and loud wailing and such. It was beautiful. Anyway that is an experience I will not soon forget. Congratulations to them! Then next, all the kids came in. Casey, Charlie, and Avery were here. They had a funeral to go to. Mark came in too. He had the Hathaway golf tournament to attend. Josh was here of course. So with all of them and their friends in and out, including Maw Maw and Papaw who came in town. We definately had a house full of folks. It was nice. Wish I had a bigger living room though. We were packed in there like sardines in a tin can at times. But it was still nice. Hope you have been as blessed lately as well.

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