Saturday, September 27, 2008

Star Light Star Bright

When I was a little girl I remember riding in the car at night from time to time with my parents. I remember leaning against the window many times, stretching my neck to look up at the stars. I remember seeing what appeared to be millions and millions of beautiful stars. Tonight I was riding in the car with my sweet husband. We were coming home from a nice afternoon with the kids and Avery. I remember leaning my head against the window stretching my neck up to look at the stars. There seemed to be millions and millions of beautiful stars. I don't know what it is about the stars that I love so much. It just seems so amazing to me that they are so very very far away yet we can see them, so very many of them, shining so brightly. I guess my simple mind just can't really wrap itself around that. It is a beautiful sight though. The dark sky illuminated with all their glory. When you read Psalm 147: 4 & 5 and Psalm 8: 3 & 4 you see that they talk about how God made the stars. He set all of them in place! He even named each and every one! That's incredible. Those Psalms go on to mention how awesome it is that the God who can do that, is the same God who cares so much for us. Just as He cared enough to pick a name for each one of those millions of stars, He cares about each one of us. He cares about me. The mom of three, with curly hair, living in small town Louisiana, working in a high school, with no college degree, and no money to speak of. Even though there is nothing spectacular about me, the God of ALL cares about ME. The next time I am riding in a car at night with someone, I am going to lean my head against the window again and think about how my God set all those beautiful stars in place and named them, and about how much that same God loves little ole me.

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