Sunday, January 18, 2009


You know what? I am sick of DETOURS! We have had our share it seems. Lets go back. Back in 2006 our beautiful daughter and her witty husband were expecting their first baby. Moving right along in the pregnancy, all looked great. At 20 weeks we scheduled sonogram to find out if it was a boy or a girl and then STOP - DETOUR! Baby Carson went to see Jesus two days before that awful quiet horrible sonogram. Move ahead to 2008. Baby Avery on the way. After very careful observation from Doctors and sonograms, finally given the "Bill of Health". Heading again to a way cool 4-D sonogram just to see her and to make sure it was a "her". (Since we had completely painted the nursery in PINK the day before. CAUTION - DETOUR! "The baby is breech" "There is very little fluid in the amniotic sac" "I see reverse blood flow in the umbilical cord" "We are having a baby now" (At 31 weeks) Then of course one detour after another in the NICU. We went from high to low, from good to bad, from infection to clear. Down the right road to detour after detour for the next 58 days. Move ahead to almost a year later. Which is now. Planning the biggest birthday bash for the littlest one year old! CAUTION - DETOUR! RSV appears again and the doctor says scale back the bash! No problem - Plan B - We will move the princess party to her own house and only invite grandparents, great grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles - No kids! It can be done. Thats what we will do. You guessed it - DETOUR! Averys Mamaw is having surgery (Hope she heals and feels better soon.) That side of the family wont be attending the party. Gran Gran and Pap have the flu or something very like it - so they wont be attending the party so as to keep Avery away from any leftover germs. (You know that bubble thing - You only get that if you read Caseys blog) Anyway, it will be ok. Avery can still have a celebration of her miraculous life with just our immediate family. It can be done and she will still have fun and eat her first taste of cake! Thats what we will do! Settled! Umm - What again?!?!?!?!?! DETOUR DETOUR! Now Poppa is sick too!!!!!! UGHH!!! So if they went ahead with the party I guess it would really just be Casey, Charlie, Uncle Mark, and the Birthday Princess herself! (Since Josh and I will have been EXPOSED! and possibly CARRIERS!) So we are postponing the birthday bash! Now I know a party is no big deal to reschedule. Seriously, not a big deal but I am seriously getting pretty dad gum SICK of these detours. Grumble grumble grumble! So we will have to wait to bring the most precious one year old in all the world her birthday gift and watch her eat her first taste of cake. We will have to wait to see her for another couple of weeks. (Which will seem like FOREVER!) But it will be worth the wait for sure. Now I realize some of you think that you have the most precious one year old in the world - But are you sure, just look at this: And despite all the detours we know for sure what a miracle God performed and so blessed us with when he brought us to that sonogram that day so that the doctors could see what was happening to our little Avery Grace. We are so thankful for that detour and her early birth so that she could survive and so that we can get our hands on our sweet precious miracle.

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Avery's Mommy said...

Yes all these detours are starting to get very annoying! I love that pic of me and Avery can you email it to me? Love you