Monday, January 5, 2009

Guess What

Yep you guessed it - It's time for "Not Me Monday"! So on with the program!

...I did not skip my mile jog simply because it was raining and eat a chicken and cheese soft taco with chips and salsa instead.

...I did not make that first "did not" sound like I ALWAYS jog a mile!

...I did NOT eat my taco I ordered and the extra free one they gave me, plus the one Josh ordered but he didn't eat. Oh my gosh, no I didn't!

...I did not heat cheese dip for Josh in one of Granny's "old" bowls, and when it cracked in the microwave - I did not just pour it into another bowl and let him eat it anyway. (He's fine by the way.)

Okay that's enough embarrassment for one Monday.


Avery's Mommy said...

lol those were funny...they sounded about like mine!

Cristi said...


Calley said...

It is finally out...your poisoning Josh...poor kid's BPA levels are probably through the roof. ;)

The Glenn Gang said...

Is the recipe you use the one with brown sugar and chili powder? I don't think it was supposed to take as long as it did but it seemed to take me forever to cut all the chicken, bacon and then wrap and dredge. If this isn't your recipe then let me know and I'll post mine.