Friday, January 30, 2009

You could have told me

OK So none of you told me that in this post when I mentioned a certain recipe book incident, that I had not previously mentioned it! I had it all ready for a "Not Me" post and forgot to post it. LOL I am a busy woman here! Anyway since none of you mentioned it, I guess because you thought I was losing it or something, then I am going to make you wait until Monday and then I will post the "Not Me" post where I tell you what I did not do with that recipe book. Just act like I have not already given you a large hint. Okay well already spilled the beans. It will be funnier if you act like you dont know what I am talking about. Okay, wait for it! (Until Monday). Until then I have a BIRTHDAY of one tiny PRINCESS to CELEBRATE! See you after.

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