Monday, March 9, 2009

Enjoying and Looking Forward

Tonight I am catching up on my blogging.

I had Avery all weekend and it certainly did not leave me a second to blog. But man was it worth it. She is so precious.

I enjoyed her little visit. I enjoyed her cuddles, and smiles, and giggles. I enjoyed rocking her to sleep and hearing her say bye bye bye, and ma ma ma.

I cant wait to hear her say Nonna, and Poppa, and watch her walk. I cant wait to play games with her and have conversations with her. I cant wait to take her shopping and let her pick something out that she wants and get it for her.

What a blessing she is!

So before I go a few pictures from the weekend!

In this one she is clapping for her new Bunny Nonna got her. It hops and sings. She LOVES it!

She was thrilled to find this bottle nipple and loved chewing down on it and then popping it out of her mouth.
Look at those blue eyes.
And this is what we both felt like after a full day of play with little to no naps! (For some reason she will not nap at my house. But sleeps all night so I think thats a good trade.)
Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


Penny said...

There is NOTHING that compares to rocking them to sleep, is there? I'm so glad you and Todd are getting to enjoy her! You deserve it! I told you that y'all were going to make the BEST grandparents! I LOVE to say "I told ya so." (only for GOOD reasons, though)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Now I never mind waking up once at night for my long nap or two that I got in the daytime. That's how I continued to run a business for 3yrs and care for a infant, toddler...little girl! Man, I miss her when she gone, but so tired when she's here!

Looks like Avery got an Easter present early...I don't blame you. When Natalie was 2 I gave her her Christmas Singing Elmo early...everyone fussed at me about it, but I wanted her to enjoy it during the holiday season more than after Christmas. After all, it sung Elmo's 12 days of Christmas!

Mallory said...

she gets more and more beautiful every time i see her! and i definitely think yellow is her signature color =)

The Glenn Gang said...

What a precious, precious little girl! She is blessed to have grandparents who love her and want to spend time with her!!!

Avery's Mommy said...

I'm glad y'all had such a good time - she loves her nonna and poppa! And you taught her how to clap - she had never done that before. she is in LOVE with the bunny and claps, smiles and giggles every time i play him!

Cristi said...