Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time all babies were born happy and healthy. At least that is how it felt in my world. My 3 babies were all born full term and completely healthy. All my friends babies were great. Then our kids grew up and their kids started having babies. All of them fabulously healthy, Praise the Lord. Then we lost our first grandchild. Then came Avery - terrifyingly tiny. That really opened my eyes as I began research on what was going on with Casey's pregnancies. I guess I wanted an answer to that ever present question of why. In my research I found so many many stories of preemies. Many of those stories were encouraging. Some of them were even scarier than our own. Throughout this God has certainly given me such a heart for those who are experiencing the less than perfect birth experience. Babies born too early always interest me now. Before I never really knew anything at all about them. I had heard of March of Dimes. I had even volunteered sending those donation letters out to my neighbors. But I knew nothing about what preemies go through and everything involved. Now I am so much more aware of the fact that not every baby is born chubby and hungry and strong. There are so many stories out there of babies that are so fragile. My heart goes out to them. I dont believe God wants us to stay in our little world. He doesnt want us to think about what is important to me and mine alone. What do I want? What do I like? What can I get? I know for sure our experience has made me more aware of what some others are going through. It has certainly made me know how important to us other peoples prayers have been and are.
Therefore also, how important my prayers are for others. So I will do what I can, what I am asked of, or what God shows me to do for others who are experiencing some of the things we experienced, or so much more. I dont want my life to be all about me, for me, even though it is most of the time. There are so many people out there who have needs. Maybe I can help. Maybe we can. So just in case you dont know of anyone who needs your prayers tonight. I can hook you up:


Patrice said...

Thank you, Cristi.

In Him,

Jami Ainsworth said...

I will.

Avery's Mommy said...

i'll be praying :)

Penny said...

I went to their blog last night. What that family is going through! So sad. You and I were SO incredibly blessed with ours! And so far, my grandkids are coming along fine, but we've still got many more to come. It makes me appreciate their health so much more. My heart breaks for all of these other parents (and grandparents) of these sick/preemie babies.

Carrie said...

Oh that is so sad...just reading her words brought me back to that place I was at 5 years ago with my very own son. I will be praying for little Jonah.