Thursday, March 19, 2009


What a surprise I found when I checked my friend Jami's blog today. Yesterday I was pleased to see that she had posted Avery's most recent pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. Some of them are so beautiful. Avery was not very cooperative that day. Some of those pictures captured that. LOL But mostly she just was unsure of where she was and being the home body that she is was not giving out many smiles at all. She sure made Jami work hard. Anyway so today when I checked her blog, I certainly did not expect to see THIS. Go check that out if you havent seen it yet. I was tickled. She did a good job telling the short version of their story. :) THANKS SO MUCH Jami. Thankfully we are getting a visit this weekend from the little family. Cant wait to see all three of them. Maybe I will get some good pictures somewhere out in the sunshine this weekend. That's it for now.


Jami Ainsworth said...

I am glad you liked the post. I had fun doing it. I was just a little worried that it "too" much.

I hope you have a nice visit with your little princess this weekend. We should be boiling crawfish for Brittany's birthday since we didn't get to last weekend. So, yes, I will be seeing our little sweetheart this weekend too!

I am so glad that God lead us into each other's lives. You and your family have been such a blessing to me.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cristi!! I'm so glad you found my blog! I've thought about you and your sweet Avery so often over the last year. I'm so glad to see that she's going well. She sure is precious.. just adorable. I can't believe she and Micah are both already a year old!!

I hope you don't mind if I watch your blog.. I'd love to keep in touch with you again!

Take care and many blessings!

Rebecca said...

Cristi -

The majority of my story is in the blog.. just have to go way back to July I believe. I did write a few notes/blogs on facebook and myspace before I started cancer news/updates on my blogspot blog, so the entire story actually isn't in one place. I'd be happy to copy, paste and add/edit for you and shoot you a ridiculously long e-mail if you like. You can shoot me your e-mail address if you want, and as soon as you do I'll delete your comment so it isn't public. Or you can just e-mail me @

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday!