Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday Again

Wasnt planning on doing a Not Me post until these things popped in my head. So here I am again on a Monday.Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
I do not dread work tomorrow because we will be giving out the Seniors Supplies. I know that it will all go smoothly because almost all of them have already paid their balances. (Whatever) I know it wont be chaotic in the morning while I am doing all my normal early duties and taking those late payments and getting things ready for the seniors, and comparing my balances paid with Balfours balances paid... Not dreading it at all. No problem.
I do not dislike cats. I know thats random. But back in the day when our cat was a tiny fluffy kitten, I knew they were adorable. But now (by the way that would be 13 years later! Who knew cats lived this long. [Dont sent hate mail] I am just sayin') Anyway I dont mind at all that our cat, who is no longer tiny and fluffy, sits/sleeps on my new car leaving muddy catprints, catspray, and other unmentionables on the hood of my fabulous car shown below!
I seriously do not think Todd's chili, which he has made all of 2 times now, (That being the only meal he has cooked of course) , is better than my own. That just couldnt be since I have been making chili for some 25 years now. What is up with that. He says its because he measures. Maybe so.
Oh and I did not have someone who called my work just to hang up on me several times, and I mean more than 10 - several times today. I do not know who it is and I am not tired of it at all. Because I am not trying to work nor am I very busy. No, I have plenty of time to play games while I am working and others- well arent.
OK That's enough of that!


Mallory said...

Syd (Sid?) just looks evil in that pic. Beautiful but evil =)

Carrie said...

Those were great....I have to agree with Mallory who commented above...your cat kind of scares! It does have some pretty blue eyes though!!
I bet both of your chili's are really good....I'm used to it though....everything my husband cooks in better than anything I cook....I am a bit domestically challenged even though I have been a stay at home mom like forever!!

Avery's Mommy said...

don't believe them...she isn't beautiful she is just evil.

Mallory said...

thanks so much! i am SUCH a picky person, and then i still end up questioning my decision a gazillion times =)

Jami Ainsworth said...

The cat does have an evil look in the particular photo. I am not a big cat person, but my 3 grown cats (soon to be many baby kittens too), certainly serve God's purpose their lives living almost in the middle of a cotton field. Yes, it makes me very sad and irritates me that they like run across my vehicle that isn't quite as new it was a year ago, but still new to us! With the choice given...I chose paw prints on my car than mice in my house! LOL

Penny said...

Well, you know I do NOT like cats, but I did defend this one when she clawed me WHILE I was petting her. I think we're all a little evil when we're pregnant, though. Todd's chili is probably better than yours because YOU didn't have to cook it. LOL It's like restaurant food. Well theirs isn't always better, but you get my point.
I'm with Todd, I almost ALWAYS measure. Not sure why.