Saturday, May 9, 2009

Golf anyone?

You know when you're going to play tennis, you get some shorts on, grab the racket and tennis balls and head to the courts. With baseball ya grab your bat, a glove and a baseball and head to the field. Basketball is even easier. Usually you just take the ball outside and shoot. What is it with golf? I certainly am not a golfer but my daddy was. I remember when I was a little before going golfing he would tinker around with the clubs getting ready to go. After he would get home he would almost to the extent of being a little obsessive clean those clubs in the sink. I remember him filling up the sink with the soapy water and washing those clubs and golf balls. He would take so much time cleaning every nook and cranny of those clubs. Funny how things stay the same. LOL Now my boys, my little boys who for some reason appear to be grown men, take forever getting ready to go golfing. What is it they do with those clubs for so long. Do they just look at them for a while or what? Anyway they tinker and clean and scrape the grooves and I dont know what else with them before they go. It is such a reminder of my daddy. I can clearly remember him standing at the sink scrubbing those chipping wedges. It would have been nice if Mark and Josh could have gone golfing with him. I think he would have liked that. But I am sure he saw them enjoying their golf game today.

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Penny said...

Yes, I'm sure he would love golfing with your boys! I'm sorry they didn't have as much time with him as I had with my grandparents. I agree that he is watching and I'm glad they reminded you of him. Mark has always reminded me of your dad anyway.