Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 09

It was so nice to have all the children home for Mothers Day. Mark hasnt been here since Christmas and it was nice to be able to get a photo or two of him. I was great to have them all here. We had a nice time and a few nice meals. We like to eat in this family. Who knew I asked for such an expensive Mothers Day gift. I had no idea this tree I wanted would cost a fortune or I never would have suggested it. But I did, and they took the bait. So we planted a Japanese Maple tree for Mothers Day 09. THANK YOU SO MUCH KIDS! I LOVE IT! It will be interesting to watch it grow year after year. It is beautiful now, but I know in years to come (If I can keep it alive) it will be more and more beautiful. We had a good time in the yard taking care of that task with Poppa handling the brunt of the workload of course. He is SUCH a good guy!
Avery enjoyed the outside time with everyone.
I guess we keyed her up too much during the day because she decided to stay up until midnight before going to sleep much to her mothers distress. I told Casey she just wanted to tell her mommy Happy Mothers Day as soon as possible. Although I didnt get a picture of it, I did get my first and second kiss from Avery to Nonna at 11:00 PM Saturday night. I told her she could stay up till midnight every time for sweet sugar like that. I tried to no avail to receive more such kisses today. Maybe next weekend. She loved watching the cat (Sid) from the kitchen and did a little chasing outside too.


The Glenn Gang said...

GREAT pictures! I know you are loving that new camera. And, what great subjects you have!!!

Mallory said...

LOVE that last picture -- gorgeous!

Allen Skipper said...

You have a beautiful family!

Calley said...

I love Japanese Maples! It is beautiful and I know you were thrilled!

Praise and Coffee said...

Beautiful family!!
You are a winner over at my blog, stop by and email me your home address so I can send out your Praise and Coffee!